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EMM Labs is one of the very first brands we decided to offer here at Onest Audio.
Their committment to designing and manufacturing outstanding high end audio products is a major reason. We have also found sister company Meitner Audio to offer outstanding values
We are proud to offer these models, but all EMM Labs and Meitner products are available by special order.

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Integrated DAC

The MA3 combines Ed Meitner's proven world-class sound techniques with network audio streaming functions from our popular and simple to use NS1 Streamer - creating one sleek, affordable package to serve your greater enjoyment of music.

MSRP $10,500
SALE $7,600 (Black)
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Optical Equalizer

The DS-EQ1 is designed with the desire to lower noise and distortion and to extract every bit of detail from any DS Audio optical cartridge. The DS-EQ1’s circuits are all Meitner designed in-house and are optimized for short and direct audio paths.

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The NS1 Streamer enables you to access the vast libraries of music available via the many internet streaming services. It also provides playback of audio files attached via USB stick and network attached storage.

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DAC / Preamp

The DV2 builds on EMM Labs’ ground breaking technology used in our flagship, multi-award winning DA2 converter by integrating EMM’s high resolution volume control system (VControl™) into our discrete, single bit converter.

Refefernce Mono Amplifier

More than a decade in the making, these 1500W Class A/B solid-state powerhouses are able to drive the most fiendish and complex speakers effortlessly, while sounding as sweet, musical and detailed as a classic single-ended triode tube amps.

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MA1 (V2)
D/A Convertor

With the update of Meitner Audio’s very first product, the Meitner MA1-V2 stereo D/A Converter continues to provide enthusiasts with accessible cost-no-object performance.

MSRP $8,000
DEMO $5,500

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